VetLoan Advantage Provides Needed Capital to Capital Business Machines

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In the business technology business since 1975 and in its current location since 2000, the Rogers family, owners of Capital Business Machines, Inc., realized they needed more space to expand their operations. Through the use of VetLoan Advantage, an option utilized with the SBA 504 product, and offered by Six Bridges Capital Corporation, Capital Business Machines was able to obtain ownership of a new facility that’s both bigger and more flexible for their long-term growth.

VetLoan Advantage allows veterans to receive a one-third reduction in the SBA 504 loan processing fee, making it easier for veterans to expand their businesses. VetLoan Advantage offers qualifying veterans and their families a lower cost option to raise capital for fixed-asset needs.

Capital Business Machines

Capital Business Machines

“I would recommend that veterans check out the VetLoan product,” said Brett Rogers, president of Capital Business Machines. “We were able to stop leasing a building and get into a place of our own with very little pain. And overall, businesses can gain access to money at better rates than what they can get elsewhere, which makes it easier for them to take that next step.”

Rogers currently runs Capital Business Machines with his father, Bill, and two brothers, Byron and Bryce. The family qualified for VetLoan Advantage because Bill Rogers was in the Air Force Reserves in Kansas City from 1962-1968. The family has been in the business since 1975 and Capital Business Machines has been around since 1939. Brett and his brothers started working in the business when they were very young, working at the office “doing all those manual things they tell you builds character,” Brett Rogers said with a laugh.

The family spent 10 years looking for a new location and will now be located at 710 Jones Street in Little Rock (just off the I-630 Woodrow Exit). They found out about VetLoan Advantage offered by Six Bridges Capital, a partner company of The Arkansas Capital Corporation Group, through their CPA as well as their local bank. Six Bridges Capital partners with clients’ community banks to provide long-term, fixed-asset financing. In further talks, the Rogers family found that the VetLoan Advantage product was a good fit and would allow them to find the unique combination of warehouse and office space that they desired for their business.

“The VetLoan Advantage incentive is a way for us to honor the military veterans who serve our country,” said Al Hodge, senior vice president, Arkansas Capital Corporation and Six Bridges Capital Corporation. “It’s one way we are working to make it easier for veterans to take that next step in growing their businesses and to promote entrepreneurism and business ownership among veterans.”