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Startups to Watch in 2017

Startups 2017Across the country, millions of entrepreneurs are gearing up for the new year, finding ways to be better, faster, stronger, and make 2017 “their” year. While there’s surefire way to tell who will succeed and who will fail, there are a few companies we can see making huge strides over the next 12 months. Here are the startups we think are on the brink of greatness in 2017. Continue reading

Arkansas Capital Year in Review

2016The final weeks of December are upon us, and we at Arkansas Capital can’t help but look back on the past year and be thankful for all the excitement, success and advancement of Arkansas entrepreneurship brought by 2016. While we couldn’t possibly list all of the highlights that took place this year, we’re sharing a few of the most memorable below. Continue reading

Reviewing Your Business Plan

business planDecember is National Write a Business Plan Month, and while this month of holiday gatherings and indulgent food may seem like an odd time to write a business plan, it actually provides a much better opportunity to prepare your business for 2017 than the typical January scramble. You want to be able to hit the ground running New Years Day, not be starting from square one. December will also likely bring fewer requests from clients, vendors, employees and partners, allowing you to focus on your business plan without interruptions. Continue reading

Discover the Age These Famous Entrepreneurs Got Their Start

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Before starting a company, most future entrepreneurs wrestle with reasons they shouldn’t take the plunge. Of course losing money and having to drastically reduce personal time are on this list of fears for startup owners, but there’s another key factor that can prevent entrepreneurs from pursuing their dreams: age. Older people fear their time has passed, and they won’t have the energy to start a business. Middle-aged people feel more responsibility to provide for children and aging parents, and don’t think the risk of starting their own company is worth it. Young people worry they lack the experience and knowledge to run their own company. While all of these are valid concerns, we want to encourage those with solid business ideas to think instead about the positive aspects of their age over the negative. Not sure what those are? Read on.
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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

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Spring will be here in a matter of days, and the best way to embrace this sunny, green season is with some spring cleaning – and not just on your home. A little elbow grease can work wonders on your business as well! Here are a few ways you can dust off and freshen up your business so you can take on the rest of the year more organized and better prepared for whatever comes your way:
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