Startups to Watch in 2017

Startups 2017Across the country, millions of entrepreneurs are gearing up for the new year, finding ways to be better, faster, stronger, and make 2017 “their” year. While there’s surefire way to tell who will succeed and who will fail, there are a few companies we can see making huge strides over the next 12 months. Here are the startups we think are on the brink of greatness in 2017.


Slack has been taking the tech world by storm since it was founded in 2013, and is poised to explode over the next year. Originally created to be an internal program for tech company Tiny Speck, Slack makes communication among groups and teams much more streamlined by creating a chat room in which users can also share files and collaborate on projects.

World View Enterprises

This startup is “Radically Rethinking Access to Space” by sending balloons up into the stratosphere to take photos and collect data more efficiently and economically than any other company on the market. The company is also exploring stratosphere tourism, where they will take people on the edge of space.


Cybersecurity is an increasing important and profitable market, and Exabeam is capitalizing on this opportunity through its security product that tracks human behavior on subscribing networks and identifies people who are attempting to sabotage or hack it. In addition to preventing cyber attacks, it can also work forensically to discover who hacked into a network and how they did it after an attack has been conducted.


Nonprofits and charitable organizations often struggle with attaining the business operating system necessary to efficiently achieve their important goal of helping people and communities. Classy remedies this problem through an accessible, high-level fundraising platform.

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