Financing Your Project With EB-5 Capital

Pine State Regional Center secures foreign investor capital and deploys that capital into Arkansas projects that qualify under the EB-5 program.

When traditional sources of financing cannot meet your business’s needs for a particular project, EB-5 financing may be an additional low-cost source of capital that you can utilize for a particular project.

Pine State Regional Center will work with interested developers and business professionals to determine how EB-5 capital may be best utilized for your project by first evaluating the type of project you are considering for EB-5 financing and how EB-5 financing can play a role in the capital stack.

There are many advantages to using EB-5 financing and Pine State Regional Center can help work with your project to provide flexible financing options including primary and subordinated financing or to determine if EB-5 financing would be best used to replace debt or equity capital.

Since a wide variety of projects may quality as prospective EB-5 projects, Pine State Regional Center will work with you to understand your current project, your current capital structure and other critical financial information, such as business plans, overall project costs and location of proposed project. Pine State Regional Center will determine whether your project qualifies as an investment within the EB-5 program and whether we are willing to be the sponsor.

Common Attributes of Successful EB-5 Projects

  • Job Creation

A potential project must be able to demonstrate that at least 10 full-time direct or indirect/induced jobs will be created for each EB-5 investor investing into the project. By working with experienced EB-5 economists and legal professionals, Pine State Regional Center will work with you to determine how and to what extent your project will satisfy the EB-5 job creation requirements. This will also indicate the thresholds for which your project can utilize EB-5 financing.

  • Location

To increase the marketability of an EB-5 project, Pine State Regional Center will work with you to determine if the location of the project qualifies as a “Targeted Employment Area” (TEA). An EB-5 project will qualify as a Targeted Employment Area project if the location of the project is either in a rural area (project location is outside of a metropolitan statistical area or outside the boundary of any city or town having a population of 20,000), or an area experiencing unemployment of at least 150% of the national average.


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