Business Plan Contents and Scoring

General Instructions:

1) Business plans must be a minimum of 5 pages, 15 pages maximum.

2) The Cover Page and Table of Contents are not counted as part of the page number limits.

3) With the exception of the Cover Page and the Table of Contents, all pages must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font and pages must be numbered. The Cover Page and Table of Contents may be typed in a larger font.

4) Paragraphs can be single- or double-spaced.

5) Page numbers must be included on each page (except the cover page and the table of contents).

Please assemble the business plans in the following order:

Cover Page (5 Points)

  • Name of the company
  • Name(s) of all team members
  • Teacher / Sponsor name, title, email address, and phone number
  • School or extracurricular organization name and full mailing address
  • A photo, drawing, or graphic of the product or service. Please ensure the image is saved as a smaller file before placing it on the cover page.

Table of Contents (5 Points)

Executive Summary (10 Points)

Clear, exciting, and effective as a stand-alone overview of the business plan; includes brief description of each succeeding section of the plan; can be read in three minutes.

Consider writing this Executive Summary after you have completed the other parts of the plan. Keep in mind this will be the judges’ first impression of the team and the plan. Make this summary confident, convincing, and exciting.

Company Overview (10 Points)

Presents a vision, history, current status, strategy, goals, and objectives for the business.

Product or Service Description (10 Points)

Describes the product or service, its features and benefits, and explains why the product is better than that of the competitors.

Management Team (10 Points)

Provide roles and backgrounds of key individuals and their history and ability to work as an effective team. Also describe an organizational structure and other personnel needs.

Market and Competitive Analysis (10 Points)

Define the target market and the company’s promotional and sales approaches. Present the growth trends and key driving forces of the industry. Assess the competitive environment and demonstrate market acceptance for the product or service.

Critical Risks (10 Points)

Identify the major internal and external critical risks that could threaten the business (regulatory, environmental, etc.). Present contingency plans to address these issues.

Financials (10 Points)

Provide a statement of funds needed and a projected income statement for three years. Provide a brief rationale as to how the team arrived at these numbers.

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