Y.E.S. Competition Rules

  1. Y.E.S. for Arkansas is open to all Arkansas public, private, or home-school students enrolled in grades 5 – 8 during the 2016-2017 school year.
  2. Team members can be in the same grade or a combination of grades 5 – 8. In cases in which participating schools also have 9th grade students, any teams formed that include 9th grade students will need to compete in  Y.E.S. for Arkansas 2.0.
  3. The maximum team size is six members.
  4. Competitors can be from classrooms, extra-curricular clubs and organizations, church groups, etc.
  5. All teams must be sponsored by a teacher. AEAF will allow other adults (such as leaders of after school organizations or church groups) to be sponsors, but they must be approved by AEAF before business plans are submitted. Please contact Marie Bruno at either mbruno@arcapital.com or 501-374-9247.
  6. Sponsors cannot be a parent or other relative of any team member.
  7. Sponsors may have more than one team in the competition.
  8. Only one plan can be submitted by a team.
  9. The business plans must reflect that the business idea is a for-profit product or service. Non-profit concepts are not eligible.
  10. The product or service cannot be fictional in nature.
  11. Business plans must represent the original work of each team.

Not every circumstance can be anticipated. AEAF reserves the right to disqualify any team that violates the rules, regulations, or the spirit of the competition. All Y.E.S. for Arkansas competitors and sponsors are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical manner.

Submissions and judging for Y.E.S. for Arkansas are processed through Startup Compete. To participate, the sponsor must create an account to register teams and upload business plans.

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