2008 Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Winners

2008 Undergraduate Winners

First Place – $20,000
Renaizzance Clothing – University of Central Arkansas
Team Member: Chauncey Holloman
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael J. Rubach
Renaizzance Clothing is an urban clothing line accepted into Macy’s Department Store. The brand will be positive and inspiring outlook on hip-hop.

Second Place – $10,000
Enterra – John Brown University
Team Members: J. Marcus Naramore, John Williams, Maria Jose Valencia Merlos, Micah Williams, Yaribeth Pacheco
Faculty Advisors: Mandy Moore, Mike Kennelly
Enterra will be a retail store in Fayetteville that will specialize in environmentally friendly fashion, by offering products that are high quality, environmentally conscientious, and stylish. Enterra aims to achieve a monetary, environmental, and societal profit.

Third Place – $5,000
VitaTag – Harding University
Team Members: Jeremiah Robison, Michael Inloes, Ryan Moody
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Allen Frazier, Michael Emerson
VitaTag will supply cost efficient products that will be a revolutionary means for tracking the health and progress of livestock. VitaTag’s system will consist of a tag, scanner, and internet based software which work together to generate a livestock management tool for customers.

2008 Graduate Winners

First Place – $20,000
Protrom Medical – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Members: James “JD” Weathers, Kellen Frank, Luke Weiler, Michael Smith
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carol Reeves
Protrom Medical will provide innovative medical systems to benefit human health. Its first product will be the P.A.C. system, which is a temporary abdominal closure device.

Second Place – $10,000
MerchantEyes, LLC – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Members: April Seggebruch, Karen McSpadden, Kristin Huber, Stan Zylowski
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carol Reeves
MerchantEyes proposes a digital solution to the current manual system of tracking
and validating the $2 billion spent annually on in-store retail merchandising activities.
Its proprietary web-based software solution will bring efficiency, accuracy,
and transparency to the in-store merchandising process.

Third Place – $5,000
Track Life Systems – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Members: Christopher Boschetti, Jeffrey Evans, Jennifer Liguori, Linh Ngo, Rahul Rajgarhia
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carol Reeves
TrackLife Systems is developing a first-of-its-kind comprehensive component life prediction software program for fossil fuel power plants. Utilizing artificial neural networks technology and customer-supplied current and historical plant inspection data, our software, TrackLife, will provide power plant engineers information regarding accurate inspection intervals, energy-efficient operating parameters, materials properties data, remaining service life predictions, and the failure risks associated with operating the equipment.

2008 Innovation Award, Undergraduate – $5,000

VitaTag – Harding University

2008 Innovation Award, Graduate – $5,000

TruSource Technologies, LLC – University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Team Members: Drew Jensen Enkeleda Dervishi Mitesh Patel
Faculty Advisor: Mildred Holley
TruSource Technologies has developed a patent-pending, anti-counterfeit sensor which it will market to pharmaceutical companies to protect their high-dollar, high-volume prescription drugs. These nano-composite sensors will generate additional revenues for pharmaceutical companies and protect their brand equity while protecting the heath and safety of consumers.

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