2004 Arkansas Governor’s Awards for Entrepreneurial Development Winners

2004 Undergraduate Winners

First Place – $20,000
Nature’s Beef – John Brown University
Team Members: Sarah Chess, Daniela Bucaro, Matt Tice, Seth Malley
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Delia Haak
Nature’s Beef is an organic beef production company based in northwest Arkansas.

Second Place – $10,000
PetStar – Harding University
Team Members: Aaron Mitchell, Levi Ross, Chad Burchfield, Mariana Figueroa
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Allen Frazier
The PetStar business plan outlines a way to market and distribute an innovative way to track lost or stolen animals, through an implantable chip which is tracked by a global positioning
system. PetStar also provides a 24-hour registration and recovery service for the lifetime of the animal.

Third Place – $5,000
I Do! I Do! Event Productions – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Member: Ashley Sutton
Faculty Advisors: Susan Bristow, Renee Clay
I Do! I Do! Event Productions is a wedding library and referral service offering vendors an effective and low-cost means of marketing. The company also offers wedding planning services.

2004 Graduate Winners

First Place – $20,000
Black Widow – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Members: Travis Ruff, Megan Crews, Levi Russ, John Rutledge
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carol Reeves
The Black Widow tool solves common bolt-stripping problems.

Second Place – $10,000
ZEPH Innovations – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Team Members: Mark Heiliger, Charles Webber
Faculty Advisor: Susan Bristow
ZEPH Innovations develops new technologies for less-than lethal weapons, beginning with the N-Fuze, a new product for use by law enforcement and individuals.

Third Place – $5,000
Distinctive Living – University of Arkansas
Team Members: Heather Sprandel, Matthew Stengel
Faculty Advisor: Renee Clay
The Distinctive Living plan outlines a retail and online shopping enterprise specializing in assistive devices, mobility products, and life enhancing goods for the elderly and special needs population.

2004 Technology Award, Undergraduate – $5,000

Quick Response – Harding University
Team Members: Carolyn Fassett, Chris Fassett, Nathan Bronneman, Robin Pledge
Faculty Advisor: Mike Emerson
Emergency response program Quick Response assists cities and first responders with information about important building construction features, nearest fire hydrants, optimal routes to emergency sites, and other emergency-related information.

2004 Technology Award, Graduate – $5,000

Moducell – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Members: Martin Simoncic, Scott Hall, Eric Mallard, Keith Martin, James Moneyhun
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carol Reeves
The Moducell team outlines the commercialization of a technology to produce micro fuel cells that eliminate the need to recharge cell phones from electrical outlets.

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