2003 Arkansas Governor’s Awards for Entrepreneurial Development Winners

2003 Undergraduate Winners

First Place – $20,000
Horizon Building Systems – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Members: Josh Copher, Joseph Rupe, Aaron Lewis, James Travis, Lamont Nguyen
Faculty Advisor: Lance Sexton
The Horizon Building Systems team has engineered a way for builders to meet the constant demand to produce higher quality homes at a competitive price. To meet the demand, this team envisions a business to provide highly pre-engineered manufactured framing components while maintaining an emphasis on customer service. Initially producing roof trusses, wall panels and floor trusses, Horizon Building Systems seeks to serve any developer or builder looking to increase efficiency and minimize costs.

Second Place – $10,000
Pool Tek – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Members: Mark Heiliger, Sarah Barnett, Anthony Francis
Faculty Advisor: Renee Clay
Pool Tek’s product connects to existing pool water lines and monitors chemical levels in the pool, with monitoring and controls operating remotely. Upgrades in the system allows for automatic dispensing of necessary chemicals. No more taking water samples to the pool shop, getting a neighbor to check on your pool while you are on vacation, or the daily hassle to pool ownership. With accurate chemical levels and dispensing, swimming pool maintenance is safer and less expensive.

Third Place – $5,000
Digital Arkansas – Harding University
Team Members: Troy Helton, Nathan Dutile
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Phil Brown
Dutile and Helton intend to revolutionize the declining school photography business by leading the digital photography revolution into the school market segment. With the speed of delivery, increased number of background options and cost benefits, the company plans to become a significant presence in the Arkansas school picture market within five years. Digital Arkansas plan follows the Wal-Mart market expansion plan: Start in the rural areas and expand to larger markets as opportunities arise.

2003 Graduate Winners

First Place – $20,000
WireCon – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Members: Baykal Altiner, Sam Austin, Philip Doss
Faculty Advisor: Lance Sexton
Riding the manufacturing sector’s shift to “leaner,” more efficient operations, focused on core competencies, this three-person team has identified a way to be a key supplier to the HVAC and home appliance markets. The WireCon business plan is to be a supplier of wire harnesses, creating efficiencies in payroll and raw materials expenses. The business would be located in Fort Smith, serving major appliance makers Rheem, Trane, Whirlpool and Air Systems. In time, the firm would expand its client base into Texas. WireCon plans to use the latest automated systems for its production. By staying on top of technology in the industry, the company also sees itself as a research & development and design engineer supplier to its clients as well.

Second Place – $10,000
Logomotion, Inc. – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Members: Richard Hossley, Raymond Jordan, Guy Marrone, Emily McClain
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carol Reeves
The Logo Motion team has devised a way to give fans of college athletics a bright, new exciting way to show their team spirit. Mascot Motion uses a rope light to illuminate the outline of a college’s mascot or logo. These signs are designed to be vibrant, unique, safe, durable and affordable. The team believes that within ten years, they can develop annual revenue of $20 million – all using rope lights.

Third Place – $5,000
FYM Consulting, LLC – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Members: Jody Ayers, Jordan Beard, Martin Sutton
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carol Reeves
FYM Consulting has a mission of refining South and Latin American consumer product manufacturers so that they can sell products to Wal-Mart and other U.S. mass merchandisers. Their plan is to advise and arrange price, quality, production capacity, packaging and logistics for international vendors so that products may be sold in domestic Wal-Mart stores.

2003 Technology Award, Undergraduate  $5,000

Pooltek – University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Team Members: Mark Heiliger, Sarah Barnett, Anthony Francis
Faculty Advisor: Renee Clay
The Pooltek team plans to license technology developed for Department of Defense, and apply civilian uses to that technology in the residential swimming pool market. Using wireless technology, web-based monitoring and reporting, and automatic chemical dispensing with a failsafe safety mechanism, the maintenance of the old concrete pond will advance into the 21st Century.

2003 Technology Award, Graduate  $5,000

Phantron – University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Team Members: William Burgess, Jaime Summers, Keith M. Wheeler
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Calvin Bacon Jr.
The Phantron team has devised a system that can remotely monitor heart rate, falls, and geographic position, to be used in elderly and at-risk patients, with primary use among Altzheimer’s patients. The monitoring device is a small pager-style device containing GPS receivers, two-way paging networks, accelerometers, and pulse-oximeters. The company will produce these devices and develop a networked based infrastructure for monitoring the at-risk individual. Caretakers will be able to access information through secure web-based reporting.

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