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Galley Support Innovations Expands With Loan from Six Bridges Capital Corporation and Centennial Bank

Gallery Support Innovations

Galley Support Innovations, a family-owned business based in Sherwood, Ark., recently expanded their business with an SBA 504 Loan from Six Bridges Capital Corporation, in partnership with the Arkansas Capital Corporation Group, and Centennial Bank.

Galley Support Innovations, owned by Gina and Wade Radke, specializes in manufacturing interior hardware such as locks, latches, retainers, door bolting systems, custom latches, and more. Clients include Gulfstream, Dassault Falcon, Boeing, American Airlines, Jamco, and others. The company has been in business for more than 50 years.

The Situation

The company was experiencing significant growth in April 2012 and needed more space. Since they were leasing, the Radkes couldn’t expand their facility and looked for one to buy. However, they were unable to find another suitable facility to purchase, they decided to purchase the space they were leasing.

The Solution

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The Radkes secured an SBA 504 loan from Six Bridges Capital and Centennial Bank, which allowed them to purchase the space they previously leased and expanded it to meet their growing business. Six Bridges Capital Corporation, along with the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center, assisted the Radkes through the loan process.

“Six Bridges Capital Corporation’s willingness to work with our company as we worked to make our financials reflect our actual growth was greatly appreciated,” said Gina Radke, chief executive officer of Galley Support Innovations. “Due to their patience, we were able to learn how to not only make our company presentable to banks, but how to manage growing from a very small business to a successful sustainable business.”